Specials for 7/15- 7/21

#1.   Cheese Steak Hoagie

Sm. $8.99 Lg. $9.99

(Mayo, L,T,O & Sauce), 3 Pierogies, & Sm. Fountain Drink


#2.    Chicken Parmesan Sub

Sm. $ 8.99 Lg.$9.99

(Choice of Breaded or Grilled Chicken, W/ Marinara Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese, Baked in the oven), Fries & Sm. Fountain Drink


#3.   Popper Burger

Sing. $7.99     Dble $9.50

(Burger topped W/ a jalapeno popper, pepper Jack Cheese and Ranch Dressing), Season Curly Fries, & Sm. Fountain Drink


#4.   BBQ Bacon Chicken Salad

Sm. $6.99  Lg. $8.99

(Grilled or Fried Chicken Marinated in BBQ Sauce,  iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Tortilla Strips, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese and your choice of  dressing), W/ Sm. Fountain Drink


#5.   Spicy Roast Beef Panini


(Layers of Roast Beef, Pepper Jack, Fried Onions, Banana Peppers, W/ Horseradish sauce, baked in the oven), Miss Vickie’s Chips(Sea Salt Original)  & Sm. Fountain Drink